Quilts tell stories – the stories
of our lives, our loves and losses,
our hopes and dreams. They can
tell our stories quietly in a
whisper of color or shout out in
wild abandon. All the quilts on
this site are made by me,
Meredith, in my home studio,
although not all the stories are
mine alone. If you have a story
you’d like told in a quilt,  
contact me for more
Who is Meredith, where does she live
and how do I get a quilt?
See some pictures of my space.
Miniature Quilts
Its the Quilting!

Its not a quilt until its quilted.
Come take a closer look at the
secret life of quilts.
Creatures of Fable Series
Traditional Quilts
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Feature quilt 2009:
A Legend of Daffodils